A book of the Bible

The Additional Books of the Bible

Why were so many books of the Bible left out? What knowledge do they contain?

When one reads the Bible, it seems like there are pages that have been left out or it seems like the whole story is missing. For this reason, there are people who, when they realize this, begin to read everything they can to try to understand the missing aspects of Christianity; especially the aspects that after our peace of mind, the warming of the heart, and the comfort of the soul.

The exclusion of the additional books of the Bible

Why were so many of the books, especially the Gospels, left out? Gospel of Thomas, Philip, Peter, Bartholomew, James I & II, the Gospel of Mary, the additional Gospels of Mark, etc. Why were they not important? They walked with Jesus just as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John? Why the favoritism?

Because of the position of women in society, it is understandable why the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene's Gospels were not included... after all the Christians in Roman did gather to vote on the issue "do women have souls?"

Things like this you should ask yourself and then you would have a better grasp of why there are people for example, who practice Christianity by other means based on their beliefs from the Bible, the Lost Books of Eden, The Apocrypha, the Pseudopigrapha.... They have drawn their own conclusions and applied them to their own spiritual being.

A statue of Virgin Mary holding Jesus
Because of the position of women in society, it is understandable why the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene's Gospels were not included | Getty Images

To Fundamental Christians, CHURCH has to be inside a building and you have to be all dressed up to gain audience with God. The Gospel of Thomas tells us "The Kingdom is within You and All around You, Not in a building made of wood or stone. Split a piece of wood and you will find me, turn over a stone and I am there."

Perhaps that is just too simple for Fundamentalists to accept. Some people need complications and drama in their life. To love Jesus and to live your life as a testamony to his teachings on this earth is all that is required. Maybe is it simple and to the point - but after 2000 years of war and hate crimes committed in the name of God, the Supreme Being of Love - maybe it is time to be as simple as it can be.

The Missing Books and their powerful knowledge

The additional books of the Bible (or the Missing Books of the Eden) are gospels, acts, apocalypses, and writings that mere mortal men decided if they were spiritually significant or viable to saving our souls. Probably they were knowledgeable men, scholars of their times, and well versed in all the languages of the original translations.

However, knowledge is a valuable thing and can be applied to one's own being in many ways, you should be well versed in the additional books, or versed enough to draw your own conclusions and make your own decisions. For so many modern Christians of the Protestant faiths to not agree with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, they certainly listen with a full ear to which books the RCC consider heresy and which they accept.

Currently, most of the books of the Dead Sea Scrolls are considered heresy by the Vatican. Of course, they are considered hereticular by the Vatican, the destruction of the Alexandrian Library by the Roman Armies was to ensure that these documents never got out and the followers of Christ did not know that there was a such feminine Deity as Sophia, or that the Holy Spirit was considered Jesus' Heavenly Mother, or the other secret teachings of Jesus revealed to the other disciples as well as the infancy gospels and the gospel of Mary Magdalene.

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The destruction of the Alexandrian Library by the Roman Armies was to insure that these documents never got out | Getty Images

The consequences for the followers of Jesus Christ

It is very sad that so many words of wisdom by Jesus Christ were lost to his followers until now. One can only imagine the consequences for the individuals who were actually responsible for the elimination of these documents.

One also can not help but wonder what is the effect of the absence of these documents in regard to humankind's collective and individual souls. Will the One Spirit be forgiving to the souls who studied without the knowledge of these books? If one believes in Divine Intervention, is this not a clear cut case of it? And what of those who reject it now? Will they be held responsible for denying it?

It is impossible to know. The Triune God made people very complex, more complex than most fundamentalist Christians believe. The only solution is to pray, study and wait for a personal sign for each person.