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Christian Wiccan Symbols

The pentacle and the Pagan Gods and Godesses

How can a Christian use the pentacle and not the Cross of Calvary as a sign of their religious affiliation?

Today, it is hard for Christians to believe that the cross was not always the symbol of Christianity. Originally, the cross was non-existent in the Early Church because it was considered in violation of the second commandment and considered a “graven image”.

To the sensitive Christians of the early church, Jesus on the cross was a grim memory. The cross was a cruel execution device used in ancient Rome. It has also been used worldwide as a religious symbol, even in cultures that had no contact with Christianity such as many aboriginal tribes in Africa.

In antiquity, the solar cross, or the equal arms cross resembling a “plus sign”, was used by the Knight Templars, the Celts, followers of Janus/Bacchus, and Hebrew mystics. It represented the equal male and female energies of the universe, the Goddess and the God. The vertical line represents the male aspect of the Divine and the horizontal line represents the female aspect of the Divine.

Throughout history, we find the pentacle on jars of food and in ancient homes as a sign of protection from evil. Likewise, it is an adornment symbolizing protection and unity through the all-encompassing One Spirit.

Many Christian Wiccans choose to wear their cross in addition to their pentacle to promote the idea that Trinitarians are Wiccans, too. In addition, it serves as a statement of affirmations for Christians who are putting the Goddess back into the Trinity. Other ChristoWiccans simply wear a pentacle and find no reason for anyone to question that their choice of God and Goddess is any less credible than those of other Wiccan traditions are.

How do angels and saints integrate into Christian Wicca?

The Roman Catholic Church has worked with angels and saints for two thousand years.  They work as guardians, guides, protectors, and celestial intercessors between humankind and the Divine. Many of the saints were Pagan Gods and Goddesses absorbed into the Catholic Church.

Angel statue in black and white
The Roman Catholic Church has worked with angels and saints for two thousand years | Getty Images

Many Christian Wiccans likewise feel a spiritual connection to deities of the Old Religion as they are appropriately referred to as Patron Gods and Goddesses. They do not supercede the Holy Trinity; they are simply a compliment of the Father, the Mother, and the Holy Son. The Goddess Brigid was one of the most difficult transformations in religious history and yet, Sainte Brigit is the most famous of the Pagan Goddesses turned Sainte.

There was a reasonable amount of conformity as the Irish people took on the robe of the Roman Catholic Church as they embraced the teachings of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. However, these people refused to give up their beloved Brigid.

Unable to eradicate all elements of some Pagan religions and fearing to lose all the Irish Tradition, the Roman Catholic Church made Brigid a Saint, renamed with the Christian approach as Sainte Brigit. For all the Pagans who missed their beloved Kernunnos, whose symbol was the Stag; the Catholic Church replaces Him with Saint Hubert and Saint Tatheus. Sainte Ann proved to be a replacement for the Pagan Goddess Ana or Dana.