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Christian Wicca: The Oxymoron Syndrome

Practicing Christianity in the framework of Wicca

How Can Christianity and Wicca Mix?

How can that be? Isn't being a Christian and a Wiccan an oxymoron? The term Wiccan does not automatically indicate “anti-Christian”, this is the single most misunderstood concept revolving around Christian Wicca.

This is a stereotypical way of thinking and a spiritual prejudice. The are parallels of communing with the Holy Trinity within the spiritual framework of Wicca. However, the numbers of people who have claimed to study both Christianity and Wicca and have not seen the parallels are overwhelming. The Catholics are truly in many aspects the original Christian Wiccans or ChristoPagans!

Understandingly, it is human nature for us to not see the obvious truths standing directly before us. The change that the truth brings out in one's own life is a scary thing. It is much simpler to be spiritually ignorant to esoteric concepts rather than to complicate one's mind and soul with unfamiliar ideologies. The modern Church tends to frown upon anything outside beyond the mundane.

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The term Wiccan does not automatically indicate “anti-Christian” | Getty Images

Most people don't consider the many sects and denominations of Christianity as being opposites, they are merely different approaches. For example, when a Christian person worships as a Baptist, is that an oxymoron? No, of course it is not! When a Christian person worships as a Catholic or a Protestant, we don't consider this an oxymoron, we considered this a diversity of theory and practice within the umbrella of Christianity.

Likewise, Wiccans identify themselves by tradition. Some of these traditions include Dianic Wiccans, Gardnerian Wiccans, Faerie Wiccans, Celtic Wiccans, and Eclectic Wiccans. What is wrong with considering Christian to be another tradition of Wicca?

Spiritual labels such as Dianic, Baptist, Eclectic and Catholic only define the technique of worship the practitioner uses to commune with the Divine. This concept is the same as when a Christian person worships as a Wiccan. If it helps you to think of Wicca as another denomination of Christianity in order to better understand this spiritual path for yourself or to explain to others, then by all means, feel free to present it in such a light.