Different gemstones and crystals

How to Cleanse and Recharge your Crystals and Gemstones

When stones are drained of their energy there are ways of cleansing and recharging them

Crystals and gemstones are a large part of life. The colors and textures are fascinating. Each of them has their own energy, which we can ‘borrow’ in our everyday life. Over time, stones or minerals can be drained of its energy, or they sometimes just soak up undesirable energies (such as in healing). There are many ways to cleanse them.

How to cleanse a crystal or a gemstone

The easiest way is the freezer. You may not have heard of this before, but it really works! Stones and minerals can handle extreme temperatures and exposing them to the freezer does cleanse them very, very effectively. Before placing them into the freezer, you have to visualize any negative energies being swept away. Then, you have to talk to your stones or minerals, asking them to ‘empty out’ the bad energies and to preserve the natural positive energies. After that, place them into the freezer, usually 24 hours does the job.

The next method is an older way but very effective. It is to place the stone in rock salt water for 3 to 30 days. But, you need to be very careful; some gemstones are harmed by the salt such, as Pearls or Halite.

Another method is to put the stone in some distilled water and place the container in the sunlight. The intention is the stones will be cleansed, it is important here to tell the stones to release the bad energy. Start as soon as the morning light happens and make sure to remove them as the sun sets.

The last method is to use another gemstone to cleanse your stone or mineral. Selenite can be used to clean and recharge minerals and gemstones. You can place them on top of the round, mushroomy type of Selenite. There are Selenites that have long crystals or spears, the stones can be placed on top of it in a row.

Varius semi precious gemstones
Stones and minerals can handle extreme temperatures and exposing them to the freezer does cleanse them effectively | Getty Images

Selenite spears can also be used in another way. Place the Selenite to point at a rock crystal and set the rock crystal to the point at the gemstone or mineral you want to affect. The Selenite spear and the Quartz Crystal, that is placed in the middle, function as magnets and will super-clean any stone incredibly quickly: usually within 15 seconds.

How to charge a gemstone or a mineral

Charging a stone or mineral can increase the power or energy of the stone. Again, one of the simplest ways is to use the Selenite. Just place the stones on a Selenite spear or cluster for longer than it takes to clean them. They will get highly charged and project their qualities out to easily fill not just an entire room, but a large hall or warehouse, as well.

There are ways to build a ‘charger’. It is very effective and can amplify the power of a gemstone or mineral. Chargers can be made out of any natural substance. But, metals are best. The most highly charging ‘conductor’ is Copper. The shape should be a simple cube with a 4-sided pyramid on top. The height of the pyramid should be the height of the cube. At the tip of the pyramid place a crystal point. 

Next, you need to surround the charger on all 4 sides with four obelisks for grounding and focusing. Without these, the energy will go all over. The obelisks can be made of stone or preferably metal, but anything natural will work. Lastly, place a stone in the charger; it should rest in the center on a natural-material pedestal.  Again, Copper is the best material for pedestals. Plastic should never be used, it takes away the energy.

How to amplify the power of a gemstone or a mineral

A charger is also capable of amplifying the power of a gemstone or mineral.  A stone placed in a charger will not only fill a room with its energy, but can impact an entire acre.  Walls are irrelevant to chargers. A charger with Copper obelisks can focus a beam many miles away. There is a legend of a ball of Variegated Jasper place in a charger in California that was deemed responsible for healing a deathly-ill woman in Ireland.

Stone quartz pendulum on a gold chain
A charger is capable of amplifying the power of a gemstone or mineral | Getty Images

To focus the charger toward a person or location, you first need to place the appropriate stone inside the charger, surrounded by obelisks. Then use your mental focus on exactly what you want the stone to do, where, and to whom and lastly touch the tip of the pyramid sending your focused thoughts on the purpose. This can be done with several people at the same time, focusing on the same purpose.

Chargers can ‘burn out’ from over use, just as gemstones and crystals. The best way to clean them is to place them in a freezer for a week, yes again the freezer. They will come out as good as new. A charger can also be cleaned by burning a white candle in its center and allowing it to burn for an hour or so.