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Magick: defined in Black & White

Natural Psychic Abilities and Superstition

Many newcomers to earth-based religions are mystery religions are often quite confused by the terms white magic and black magic. The bottom line is that all forms of magick are natural and neutral.

Despite what some people may think, natural phenomena used in magick like psychic powers (energy manipulation), pre-cognition (divination), and post-cognition (understanding the past to help you determine a positive present and future), have no moral gradient; they are neither good nor bad, they simply are facts of the natural world.

More importantly, they are the building blocks of the magical world. The fact that many people believe that there is a moral gradient (and even worse, a source of evil origins) for forms of natural psychic abilities, including telekinesis and psychokinesis, comes from common superstition and the lack of self-education about these subjects.

Learning how to use these natural psychic abilities

A person can be told many times over that these personal abilities and forms of psychic phenomenon are natural and that everyone possesses these abilities, but if they do not understand the concepts for themselves - it simply goes in one ear and out the other.

As we begin the twenty-first century, psychicism is still relatively unchartered territory for most of the world, but especially so for the economically sound and politically correct United States. Spiritual faith in the United States has always waned in comparison to the more impoverished countries in South America and the Eastern Religions who have long worked with meditation, religious fasting and the pursuit of higher union with the Divine via forms of the Sixth Sense.

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Natural phenomena used in magick are neither good nor bad, they simply are facts of the natural world | Getty Images

Various forms of the sixth sense have already been mentioned. These inner abilities are indeed more common place due to the New Age Movement, but they are far from New Age rhetoric. With regard to the practices of Wiccans, it is important to remember that not all humans are born with the gift or even the trainable capacity for psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, advanced intuition, the manipulation of natural energies, astral travel, and higher levels of perception.

Most commonly, the psychically or naturally intuitive members of society have a natural attraction to Wicca or the Mystery Religions. However, many Christians are gifted with abilities of the sixth sense that the spiritual path of Wicca could not remain in appeal to only Pagans forever. Christian Wiccans with a higher sense of perception tend to believe that psychicism is a gift of the Christian Godhead and there is no reason for them to hide their natural born talents.

Ironically, Fundamental Christians have a tendency to believe that a gift from God to any human can best be used in the service of God, so why is that different for psychic gifts? This is no different for Christians who choose a Wiccan method of worship. This is because psychically inclined Christians usually commune with the Divine in their own forms of private meditations.

Magick's practical application and superstition

Since this framework of worship is not limited to sitting in a church building, listening to a sermon and memorizing verses, Wicca encourages practical application to the practitioners' everyday lives. For these same people, "gifts from God" is usually an arguable point. Fundamentally because how pure (or white) versus how harsh and harmful (or black) comes from the intent of the one doing the spell.

Within the Wiccan community, this topic has varying opinions and views on the subject, same as most Christians have different opinions and definitions about the same subject – the answers just vary with each congregation or with each Christian interviewed and then greater within each denomination. That is just an individualistic human trait, which is very natural to all.

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Wicca encourages practical application to the practitioners' everyday lives | Getty Images

Let us look past the black/white issue of magic in order to dispel the myth of accidental magic occurring during practical spell crafting. All forms of magic, whether it be dark-oriented or celestial-based, are derived from the consciousness and the inner abilities of the practitioner. Therefore, there is no such thing as "accidentally invoking Satan". There is no ceremony automatically of the occult; there is no ritual automatically of the celestial realm.

This cannot happen no matter how hard the person tries if there is no learned technique, deep belief system and use of ritual practice and communing. This is comparable to painting or sculpture - anyone can gather all the necessary parts for creating a masterpiece, but if they do not have the inner talent or ability, the result will never be a work of Michelangelo, no matter the intensity, the effort nor the desire.

Should a Christian perform spells of magick?

We should clarify that spells can best be interpreted as "prayers with props"; these props may be candles, incense, healing herbs and oils, as well as the "not yet" defined powers and properties of semi-precious stones and gems. The use of candle magick continues in the Catholic Church in the forms of Novena candles.

When Catholics call upon Saints in this fashion, it is no doubt a similar practice akin to magick. However, the Roman Catholic Church would not agree to terminology. Their pseudo-magical practices are more fashionably referred to as "popular religiosity.” There is absolutely nothing different about this practice from forms of candle worship in Wicca. Both are points of focus in one's meditations, the only difference is that Wicca does not fall under the rule of the Vatican.