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Necromancy: Communicating with the Dead

Necromancy is the conjuring or invocation of the spirits of the dead

The Necromancy is etymologically a term that comes from Greek words meaning "death" (necro) and “fortune-telling” (mancy). The most common notion of Necromancy is: Spiritual practices of communication with the dead

Witches are considered people with supernatural spiritual capabilities, capable of producing abnormal or supernatural acts which contradict the normal course of events and therefore are called magic acts. Linked to witchcraft, and certainly considered one of the cornerstones of the occult, is necromancy.

In the Holy Bible, there are a various number of mentions and reports about necromancy that testify to its ancestral existence, as well as of its undeniable power. In the I Book of Samael, chap. 28, the witch uses its spiritual ability to invoke the spirit of a dead king, (Samuel), that appears and predicts the death of Saul.

Necromancy is the conjuring or invocation of the spirits of the dead, for various purposes. These purposes go since the production of prophecies and divination, to the implementing of black magic witchcraft through which the spirits are sent to the life of a person in order to cause a desired effect.

Are Witchcraft and Necromancy the same?

Indeed, many argue that witchcraft and necromancy are the same reality viewed of different perspectives. How? Some say that if you look at the rituals performed by a witch, and then observe the effects the witch caused, we are apparently speaking of a phenomenon of witchcraft.

However, others say that witchcraft really only works and produces results, because witches use the invocation of spirits, so that through them, they cause the desired results in people's life. So in fact, when talking about this witchcraft, we are at the same time talking about necromancy.

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Many argue that witchcraft and necromancy are the same reality viewed of different perspectives | Getty Images

A witch is a person with a supernatural spiritual capacity on-course and a great link to the world of the spirits, who uses this spiritual power to summon spirits to come in to this world and fulfil the purposes that have been ordered to them.

Furthermore, when witches are performing rituals with the purpose of invoking spirits of the dead or spirits of darkness, actually they are performing rituals of necromancy. Therefore, witches are in essence necromancers.

Necromancy in the Biblical texts

Necromancy is an ancient spiritual practice, widely described and mentioned in the Biblical texts. The Ouija board, also called «witches board» as well as the use of pendulums or sticks, are the most popular means of communication with the dead or with the spirits. The use of sticks for this purpose is an ancient art that is described in the Bible, most precisely in the book of Hosea (4,11-12).

Also in the Bible, in various texts of the Old Testament, the casting of lot is described as a way of communicating with spirits (Leviticus 16; 8 - Ezekiel 45, 1 - Isaiah 34; 17 - Numbers 33; 50-54-1 Samuel 10, 20-24, and more). The «cast of lot» was conducted to find answers through the spirits. Currently, this form of communications with spirits is commonly made through Tarot and the cast of its cards.

In the Bible it says that it is possible to get in touch with spirits through music, or through trances, or through ecstasies, (II Kings 3:11-16 - Ezekiel 40; 2 - I Samuel 16-23 - Psalm 49; 5). Such practices are still held in the form of rituals of black mass, or in voodoo rituals.

Is Necromancy considered Black Magic?

As we can see, Necromancy (the contact with the dead, or contact with the spirits) can be embodied in many ways, as so it was in antiquity and as it still is today. Of course, any form of communication with spirits or dead, it is strongly condemned in the Bible, and therefore is considered a practice of Black Magic.

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Any form of communication with spirits is considered a practice of Black Magic | Getty Images

However, it is curious that the same Bible that condemns this spiritual practices also dictated the rules within which that communication with the dead is possible, and it will not be a sin in the eyes of God, and also how it can be performed safely.

It is said that to consult the spirits (of the dead, or of the ancestors) you must compare what the consulted spirit says, (the statement), with what is written in the Bible (the testimony). If what the spirit says coincides with what is written in the Bible, you have been talking with a spirit of God; if it doesn’t coincide, then you’ve been talking with a spirit of darkness.

The rules are clear. This spiritual and esoteric regulation is exposed clearly in the Bible texts, so that you can make Necromancy for contact, either with spirits of God –as Jesus himself did it when He contacted with the spirits of Elias and Moses (Mark 9; 2-4)– either with spirits of darkness.

Either way, the truth is this: Any occultist knows that, in fact, there is no difference between Witchcraft and Necromancy, because both are the same, that is, both are a means of communicating with the dead, either to obtain divination knowledge, or to produce certain effects on our world, altering the course of events as we wish.