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How to Get Your Spells to Work

Learn more about the key ingredients to a spell's success

Wiccan spells also fall under the banner of Witchcraft. A spell is a spell, but the origin can change. And if you see the words Wiccan spells, it tells you that it comes from the Pagan Wiccan Religion.

However, Wicca and Witchcraft are in fact two different things. And whilst there are indeed many Wiccans who do practice magic, there are also many that do not. And then with Witchcraft, it is non-denominational. You can be Christian, Pagan, Buddhist, Jewish, you name it. Witchcraft is about magical partitioning, drawing on the energies of the universe to help you consciously create.

Wiccan spells often work in conjunction with drawing on one or more of the Wiccan Gods & Goddesses. This is not mandatory. Wicca as a religion is very much in tune with nature, the environment and the natural energies.

And just like with witchcraft spells, follow the Rule of Three, where you never go against another’s free will and attempt to cast a spell to make someone do something. Because if you do, you will invoke something back to you three times in magnitude of your wrong doing! 

One of my favorite aspects of Wicca, which holds true for Witchcraft, is that it very much embodies a: "Love all, accept all" philosophy. So it is open to anyone.

The key ingredients to a spell's success

A lot of the time people think the spell will just happen. This has been perpetuated by TV and Film like "Bewitched", "Sabrina" and "Harry Potter". Now, some spells can happen very quickly. However, it is definitely not about wiggling your nose or waving a wand and pointing it at something.

Witch casting a spell with a red candle
Get yourself into the right head and heart space in alignment with what you are casting for | Getty Images

The secret to a spell's success is always, without exception, you! Since spells are based on energy, what you put out is what you get back. It is about getting yourself into the right head and heart space in alignment with what you are casting for.

So if you cast a Love Spell to attract a beautiful love into your life and your energy at the time is on how you do not have a partner right now, or how you’ve been hurt, or you’re longing it to be a specific person who you are not with. All of these examples are focused on the not having as opposed to the having.

So that is what you are in fact putting out more of, and that is what you will attract more of back. With spells, Wiccan spells, Witchcraft spells, any spells, it requires you to take a leap of faith to the point of absolute certainty that what you want to happen will happen.

It is about feeling into what you want right now, and imagine and feel as if you do have it! So you feel the emotions you would feel of having it. This is the key ingredient to any spell's success.

And here’s the thing, we all have challenges in our lives, where some things are super easy to spell cast for and others are more challenging, simply because we have more conflicting negative emotions going on inside of us internally. Anyone can be successful with their spell work, based on their willingness to put the work into themselves and their mind and heart space.