Woman or witch doing a ritual or spell

Ritual to Empower Your Herbs

Herbs have many physical and magical powers, but if you combine them with your personal energy it will give you the best results

In using herbs with our magic, we use the natural plants powers. Herbs by themselves have many physical and magical powers. But, these powers are not enough to create the changes we desire.

We must also use our energy and personal power, then combine it with the herbs' power to product the desired effect or change (our goals). This is also known as empowering, charging or enchanting. It is not necessary to turn this into a ritual.  If you can visualize well and easily, simply touch the herbs (your mixture) and send your energy into it.

However, rituals are powerful. You should experiment and see what gives you the best results. First you need to prepare yourself, do this while you are alone. Take a few moments to close your eyes, and relax your mind, breath deep and slowly.

The ritual step by step

Light a colored candle that is associated with the herb mixture: blue-healing, white-purification, red-love etc. Hold the mixture (bowl, bottle or pouch) in your hands, feel or sense the energies of the herbs. Visualize yourself as one with the energy, attune to its power (health, love, purification…).

Feel your personal power and desire. Try tensing your muscles, starting at your feet and work up your body. When your whole body is tense and you are visualizing this power, feel the energy as tingling. Then see that tingle stream into the mixture.  (Perhaps adding a ray of white or purple light or use the color of the candle you chose to associate it with the herb.)

Woman using a candle for a ritual
Hold the mixture in your hands and feel the energies of the herbs | Getty Images

See the energy pouring from your hands into the herbs. Next, state in a firm voice your magical intention:

Healing: I charge you by the Sun and Moon to consume disease, to wash away its cause and to heal, so mote It be!

Protective: I charge you by the Sun and Moon to drive off negativity and evil, wherever you are consumed by fire, so mote It be!

When you are drained of your energy and you know it has left your body and merged into the herbs, sit down, and shake your hands. Relax your body and pinch or snuff the candle out. The empowerment is done.