Christian Wicca | All you need to know about Wicca

Witch writing with a feather
Beautifuls sky with clouds
Street light covered in snow
Witch holding magic crystals
Image if a woman experiencing an astral projection
Voodoo doll with candles
Old book with keys
The sun and the moon
Girl in a car with wind blowing her hair
Girl enjoying the autumnal sunset in a forest
Woman holding a burning book
Celtic stone circle
Carved pumpkins and lights
Woman or witch doing a ritual or spell
Different gemstones and crystals
Shells circle in front of the sea
Statue of three headed women
Wiccan pentacle and candles
Table with Halloween decor
Man holding two candles in church
Chrsitian cross while it's snowing
A man in a tunel
Eye trough a key hole
Statue of two figures holding a cross
A book a candle and a stone in nature
Paper scrolls with scriptures
Witch holding a book and a broom
Statue of Virgin Mary with her arms open
Woman holding a candle
Open book with magic light
A sky with clouds that hide the sun
Jesus in the cross during sunset